Efficiency and Productivity

Knowing the potential customer better is a unique competitive advantage that tools such as Big Data and IoT can help us uncover from data collection from multiple sources and devices. Better knowledge translates into higher productivity.


The IoT is meant to change everything

It is believed that in 2020 at least 22 billion devices will be connected to the internet and will provide data constantly. This information could be vital to offer you added value in your services.

The IoT represents a radical change in the interaction between users and between devices. Not only do we enrich interactions with our potential customers, but intelligent sensors can provide us with predictions of possible anomalies or failures.

The IoT can benefit us in:

Simplify and accelerate processes

The organization goes from being reactive to changes to a state of proactivity thanks to the information received by the sensors of the devices. That translates into more productivity, security, cost savings and much more agile processes.

New business opportunities

The information collected by the sensors can be processed and used to learn about possible new trends in the market, develop new sales channels and know before anyone else what and when to launch a product that the public demands.

Smart alerts systems

The information from different sensors can provide us with information to react to possible incidents or crises. Thanks to the IoT we are more agile in detecting possible crises, infrastructure failures, even, applied in sectors such as healthcare, saving lives.


Information is power and a factor of competitiveness

Thanks to Big Data, we can collect and analyze large volumes of data, which, duly processed, provides a unique visibility to develop new business strategies that can lead to improvements in the production process, develop new sales channels or optimize the allocation of corporate resources.

Big Data can help us in:

  • Enrich the decision-making process with empirical data.
  • Analyze and make decisions with real-time data.
  • Discover new sales channels.
  • Competition monitoring.
  • Deeper knowledge of the client and better loyalty thanks to information received through multiple channels (geolocation, social networks, activity on websites, etc.).
  • Improvement of business processes: Better redistribution of resources, optimization of processes.


Mobility and smart workspaces

Mobility is a determining factor in the growth of the company and essential to retain talent. Workers are increasingly demanding to work outside the offices and request tools to be able to access their desktops, data and applications in a transparent and efficient way, without having to leave their devices behind (BYOD).

To do this, mobility is turning towards a smart workspace model that provides access to corporate data and applications, SaaS tools and custom configurations without having to change devices. With the virtual desktop or VDI infrastructure:

Virtual desktops tool on the same platform

Users have in the same configuration access to all the necessary resources to be productive. The IT department manages the entire virtual desktop infrastructure in a single control panel that simplifies management, provisioning and maintenance tasks.

Simple and efficient virtual desktop management

Virtual desktops are very easy to manage through roles and access lists. In fact, they simplify infrastructure complexity by managing a few replicable configurations to different devices. Don’t worry about the information, if the worker loses the device, remote wipe can be done.

Important ROI thanks to flexibility

It is no longer necessary to acquire new equipment in sporadic work tips. Set up new jobs in minutes, saving acquisition and operational costs by reducing the time spent by the IT department. Unsubscribe those you no longer need in minutes.


Increased productivity with collaboration

Velorcios’ proposal for collaboration tools involves creating different workspaces for projects in which to work as a team. For this, different work groups, projects are created and in each group different roles are organized and optimized for the way each team works.

Each workspace is kept up-to-date, available and with the necessary communication and productivity tools to focus productivity towards a more agile methodology.

Thanks to different SaaS tools, the need to use third-party tools to share information is solved. Share information with whoever you want, inside or outside the organization. The information is always safe thanks to controls by roles, groups and expiration of the shared information to minimize the risk of information leakage.

Would you like to discuss how to improve productivity?

Velorcios’ specialization in everything related to the technological options available in the market, together with the knowledge of our clients on the operation of their respective sectors of activity, form the perfect tandem when drawing up the most convenient roadmap in the process of optimizing the productivity of the organization ensuring a high ROI.