Protection against ransomware threats

The encryption and hijacking of information is one of the main current threats. Cyber ​​criminals intensify these attacks due to the profitability they generate and the anonymity that payment through cryptocurrencies provides.


Ransomware Emergency

The security plans of large organizations have traditionally focused on protecting assets with high strategic value. This trend has caused that in recent years a multitude of devices apparently little valuable but connected to the corporate network have been left without proper protection. Attacks like the famous WannaCry have shown that any device, however insignificant it may seem, can be used to put the entire organization under seige.

Given the new tactics of cybercriminals, companies, public bodies and users must take extreme precautionary measures and increase their awareness of the dangers to which they are exposed when connecting to the Internet, open a link received in an email with an unknown sender, or download any type of application.


Solutions at the service of security

In the new digital scenario, ransomware-type attacks are growing exponentially, affecting both Windows platforms and Mac, Linux or Android. It is estimated that more than half of companies around the world routinely experience ransomware attack attempts.

Aware of the seriousness of the situation, Velorcios offers its clients the best solutions on the market capable of blocking all known variants of ransomware, preventing the files from being encrypted and returning the data to their original state.

Velorcios anti ransomware solutions include

Specific protection for critical data

Complete protection for endpoints

Suspicious code detection

Protection against exploit kits

Incident response with forensic analysis

Detection and interruption of data encryption attempts

Threat analytics and malware traceability

Network isolation of infected computers

Let us protect your information

We know that data and applications are the cornerstone of your business. Thanks to our experience in sectors as critical as healthcare, telecommunications or banking, we are prepared to implement a solution that not only protects from data hijacking, but also recovers information on the fly and provides traceability of the threat.