Cloud Services

Reduce the “time to market” of new processes or businesses with a customized and on-demand platform, fully adapted to your needs.


Transform your IT to a new digital environment

At Velorcios Group we help our clients adapt their traditional products and services to the new digital environment by implementing the most appropriate technological solutions for each case, avoiding confusion and carrying out the transformation process in an agile and safe way.

If your company needs to reduce IT infrastructure costs and its maintenance, has physical space limitations, time-varying IT resource needs, future growth forecast or needs to have a contingency plan and ensure the availability of its services, the solutions Velorcios Group cloud are your goal.



Performance on demand and on demand, fully adapted to your needs at all times.


Flexibility and scalability. Immediately resize the capacity of your platform.


Access to multiple communications providers, balanced and in high availability.


Making the most of the services, forgetting to make investments in hardware.


Reduction of the “time to market” of new processes or businesses with a customized infrastructure.

Security & Support

High physical and logical security. Availability and 24×7 attention by professionals in cloud computing.

Should we migrate to the cloud?

Whether it is a migration to a private or hybrid cloud environment, we can help you with extensive experience in cloud computing projects in different sectors of activity. Jump to a pay-as-you-go model and save infrastructure costs.