Financial Services

In the information age, we need tools, management methods, practices and policies designed to protect our most valuable asset: DATA.


A flexible plan for each scenario

Velorcios Group’s financial specialists work with presonal as well as third party solutions from leading companies in financing technological equipment. We provide professionalism and creativity, simple and flexible financing proposals that facilitate the digital transformation of our clients.


  • You will not have to use your liquidity to finance your projects, being able to finance up to 100% of your projects.

  • You can include in a single payment, equipment, maintenance, guarantees, services and insurance.

  • It may include equipment or services provided by third parties, and even equipment that is already owned by it (prior sale of the same to the financing entity).

  • You can adjust the duration of your contracts to the useful life of the assets.

  • You will improve control of your budgets with pre-established fees.

  • It will not advance VAT/IGIC and will give you tax advantages.

Learn about our financial services

From Velorcios we can help you in the process of developing new procedures and training the organization with new tools that ensure both security and data quality to get your organization to jump to a data-driven model with a focus on security.